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You’re a great person with a big heart.

November 27, 2017

Dear Jeff,

Tell me I’m a good person and I do good things and if I wasn’t in the world, I would leave a hole where I was supposed to be. Tell me I’ve made you feel better about yourself. Tell me people love me and need me. Tell me I have worth and purpose. Tell me something that makes it imperative I stay in the world. Tell me anything you can think of that is good and right about who I am.

I am lost in sorrow. Trying desperately to dig out.



You’re a great person with a big heart, don’t ever think that you’re not. Snap out of this funk that you’re in. Get up every day with bright eyes and a bushy tail. Move forward, never look in the past. Keep moving forward. You can do this. You will overcome everything.

Keep your head high and keep following your dreams. Reach out every day to find work. You will come across something good eventually. You have to dig through the weeds before you get to the green grass. You were doing well… You seem to always bounce back and you will. Keep the faith.

Photo by Jason Long on Unsplash



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