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“So the most interesting thing I got this morning is that Marjorie Taylor Greene showed naked pictures of Hunter Biden getting a blow job during a committee meeting. They’re really good pictures. He's kind of hot.”

I sent that text to a friend this morning and then I started really thinking about the implications of Greene’s behavior.

This is not a simple, grandstanding act. I can’t help but think of all the people who’ve never seen a man getting a blow job seeing that for the first time, including all of the children. And then that image will be in their mind for the rest of their life. Because that’s what happens when you see things that are shocking or when you’re so young you don’t have any context. And I can say this, because I can remember at the age of seven seeing a playboy magazine, and not understanding, and then asking my father about it, and that’s when the abuse began because it opened the door. He began to see me as a sexual being.

My experience being sexualized beginning at the age of seven has affected my entire life in a profoundly negative way. I cannot underestimate the potential damage Greene has put into motion.

Sadly, Greene will never have to pay a price for the peace of mind that she has stolen from countless people. She will never have to come to terms with the damage she’s done in presenting sexual images to children, or people of any age, who don’t have any desire to participate in pornography. It amounts to sexual assault to present people with those images without their consent.




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