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Unsolicited Dick Pics

For some reason, a lot of men are stupid enough to think women respond to visual stimuli the same way men do. And with some notable exceptions, that is simply not the case. Unsolicited dick pics do not usually garner sex from a woman. They usually garner disgust.

Some men get off on the shock factor, knowing they’ve caught a woman unexpectedly and she is surprised or shocked or horrified. In my opinion, that’s abusive intent, equivalent to sexual assault. And I do not use that term lightly.

The thing a lot of men don’t realize is, depending on how the communication goes, if I want to see their dick, I’ll ask for a picture! If men would just wait, take the time to get to know someone, develop trust and affinity, a woman will ask WHEN SHE IS READY. That timeline is different for every woman. But most every woman has a timeline.

If a man is impatient, he might ask if he can send a picture. I might say yes, and I might say not yet. The thing to remember is, although this man is anxious for the conversation to go in a particular direction, he is also considerate enough to ASK FIRST. That’s pretty respectful, in my opinion. But I’m always giving men the benefit of the doubt! You may feel completely different. And that’s OK! If you’re offended by the question, disengage! Block his ass!

All that being said, there is never an acceptable reason to send an unsolicited dick pic. NEVER.

*An excerpt from my book, Empowered Online Dating, available on Amazon.



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