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This guy knows How To Do Single With Dignity & Grace.

“I am the okest guy you will ever meet. I am kind and caring. I hold open doors and pay for meals and I am not good-looking enough to cheat on anyone. I am great at conversation and I am a world traveler. I am fully vaccinated and I do not care who you voted for. That is as long as you live in the real world. I would love to discuss politics, global affairs, and social justice issues with you. No matter what side you fall on. I’m funny as fuck and will make you laugh. All around good human.” -Tim from Tinder

I matched with Tim on Tinder about two years ago. We’ve never met and probably never will, but we text now and then. He’s a delightful man, just one of the kind, smart, interesting, and witty as fuck men I’ve met on Tinder. I’m using his profile description with his permission. It’s pretty darn close to perfect.

*An excerpt from my book How To Do Single With Dignity & Grace, available on Amazon.



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