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My First Blog Post!

Hello Singles! So, I'm brand new to this, but, here I am, pushing on through, trying to set up this silly blog. It's not silly, but I am definitely out of my depth. But hey, WTF, right? I have important things you need to hear. Very important things that will change the way you see yourself and help you in your becoming.

I'll be posting excerpts of my writing, both published and unpublished. The topics are adult themed, so forewarned is forearmed.

My purpose is to share my life story and who I am, the good, the bad, and everything in between. My hope is you will see yourself in my flaws and foibles, and recognize that we all have much more in common that we might assume.

You are not alone. Never. There is nothing so bad that you have done that has not been done by someone else. There is no pain you suffer so greatly that has not been suffered so greatly by someone else. There is a way through. Let PERSEVERANCE & TENACITY be your mantra! Hell, tattoo the words on the inside of your wrist like I did!

I want you to get hold of the fact that wherever you are is right where you're supposed to be. Because once I got hold of that, everything changed. Everything got better.

Every moment, you are moving towards becoming your best self. Because that's the only option you have. It might not feel like it, but every moment you are learning and growing and getting stronger and coming into the fullness of who you truly are. That means every moment, you are your own perfect YOU!

Take a thousand steps, then take one more. And listen to this silly song when you feel like you can't! It will make you smile. And give you hope. This song is my go to for regaining the tiny bit of strength I need to move ahead, to take one more step. To put one foot in front of the other.



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