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I Pledge Allegiance to Smoky

April 19, 2024

Good Morning,

Smoky has a CAT scan scheduled for next Tuesday. The goal is to see if the Total Ear Canal Ablation will solve his chronic unresolved ear pain. He’s in constant pain and spends much of his time under the bed these days. It’s very exciting when he comes out to sit next to Tabitha and me. I’m in between, of course. Princess Tabitha bristles at his presence and he just sits there and looks at her.

I can’t quite figure out who’s alpha, because she circles wide when he’s around although he exhibits no aggression towards her. He seems to watch on, quietly amused. But I anthropomorphize my cats, so there’s that. Regardless, it’s quite entertaining to watch. I digress.

The CAT scan may reveal it is a tumor, in which case nothing will solve the issue and Smoky will be put down. I’m assuming that is not the case.

In the interim, I am taking pledges for contributions to Smoky’s surgery. I’ve raised $1300 of the estimated $4000 for the surgery should we go ahead with that plan. If you can pledge, let me know so I can provide a running estimate. I’m hoping that if I can raise even $2000, the woman who coordinates many rescues through several shelters and pays for the care of many cats out of her own pocket will step in. She’s bristling at $4K because she’s already put more than $5K into Smoky for his eye removal and his ongoing ear issue. Regardless, I’m in awe of her. She has rescued hundreds of cats and sponsored many of their vet expenses out of her own pocket.

If you are able to pledge, please email me at

Regardless, your ongoing love and support mean the world to me and Smoky.

Thank You,




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