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I met Smoky today.

February 23, 2024

Smoky was abandoned and rescued by a kind woman in his neighborhood who already has a houseful of cats. He’d been living on the streets for an undetermined period of time. Smoky’s foster mom connected with a woman who works with cat rescues, and funding was provided for the removal of his eye. He had glaucoma, just in the one eye, and it was causing him severe pain. He’s all better now. He’s estimated to be about 10 perhaps 12. He took to me after a few minutes. He’s easy going and I think he’ll be a nice companion for Tabitha. Or else they will just ignore one another, which is fine too. But I doubt they will be hostile to one another. Time will tell. He’s got one more vet visit next Tuesday and then he’s coming home with me Thursday. Seriously? Next Thursday is Leap Year Day! I’ll never forget that.



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