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I do not want to go into ministry.

March 22, 2023

I do not want to go into ministry.

I do not want to go into ministry.

I do not want to go into ministry.

Do I want to go into ministry?

Fuck. I don’t know.

Who says “fuck” when they’re trying to figure out if they’re called to ministry?


I’m already in ministry.

I write about living with mental illness. My writing helps people who suffer with mental illness understand you can do things that go against your Truth and not self-condemn.

I write about living with genital herpes. I supply FACTS which debunk the myths surrounding this condition. People who are newly diagnosed reach out to me. I listen. I answer questions. I provide support. I help them understand herpes doesn’t define them. I help them put things into perspective and move ahead with confidence.

I write about healing from childhood sexual abuse. There is a process. There is a journey. I may never arrive at the destination I seek, which is complete acceptance and complete peace of mind with regards to my past victimization. But I’m most certainly on that journey, and I am making good, sustained, evidential progress. My writing helps women know they can move beyond victimization and have full, fulfilling lives.

I write about consent. I write about my date rape experience. I tell women who don’t believe they have a voice they have a voice. My message empowers.

I write about my faith deconstruction journey. I enable people who grapple with the evangelical mindfuck understand there is another way to live out their spiritual lives.

I proclaim the unconditional love of God.



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