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Honoring Captain Brett Mozier

April 7, 2024

Three years ago. How can half the country forget?

April 7, 2020

I’ve been following the story of Captain Brett Crozier, of the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier. He sent a four page email to a number of higher ups in the Navy. His email was carefully worded, and provided solid strategies for dealing with the outbreak of Coronovirus on his ship. Someone leaked the email to the press. Crozier was fired by Acting Navy Secretary Modley.

Both Trump and Modley publicly disparaged Crozier for his actions. Yesterday, Modley flew to Guam and delivered a scathing address to the crew of the aircraft carrier, chastising them for their support of Crozier. In a surprising turn of events, today, Modley resigned.

Maybe I’m naïve to think politics drive our military. I am naïve; of course politics drive our military. I don’t consider Crozier a whistle blower. I consider him an honorable human being for putting his crew first, and also providing solid strategies for dealing with the spread of the virus on the ship. He obviously gave a great deal of thought to mitigation. To crucify him for doing the right thing is appalling.

In short, Trump and his minions make me physically ill. That man is impeachable on hundreds of grounds. Every briefing reveals his ineptitude and his total inability to deal with facts constructively. I’ve said it before, Pence may not be all that and a bag of chips, but he’d make a much better president. I regret dismissing Romney in the past, considering what we’re dealing with now.

Trump, the leader of the free world, is a joke.



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