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Deconstruction Podcasts

August 7, 2023

I’m deconstructing. Oh my word, am I ever deconstructing. I put together a list of podcasts I’m listening to for a friend. Sharing it here. The first two are my favorite, the rest are in no particular order.

I Was a Teenage Fundamentalist

You Have Permission with Dan Koch

The Bible for Normal People

Holy Heretics

Heretic Happy Hour

The Recovering Evangelical

Apostates Anonymous

In Conversation with Frank Schaeffer

Graceful Atheist

Grace Saves All


Short Thoughts on Open & Relational Theology

Another Name for Every Thing with Richard Rohr

Turning to the Mystics

Misquoting Jesus


Cheers to Leaving

Clear and Loud with Josh Harris

Weird Religion

Saved by the City

Theology on the Rocks

The RobCast (Rob Bell)

Prophetic Imagination

Homebrewed Christianity

Trans Regret Snoopy

The Spiritual Abuse Podcast


Straight White American Jesus

Theology in the Raw

The Deconstruction Zone

Recovering from Religion



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