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And sometimes it’s as simple as wanting a really good fuck.

February 14, 2021 Dating Site Exchange


That's all very well written! I can agree with every point you make. Everyone has good in them. We all used to be children. We were all innocent at one point. But men especially like to throw that in the garbage. That thrill of the hunt that we all seem to think is colloquially acceptable always make sure that women are just that, prey... And women buy into that as well, but no one seems to understand the detrimental psychology of the whole thing. That's the kind of thing that just makes people give up on relationships so easy because another predator will come, there's more prey out there. And we install these rules to hide all this good about us. The most detrimental thing going through Gen Z now is being a cock is not being a man it is being a woman is being disgraceful to being a man for loving women. And men bet their entire psychological health on masculinity and they can't seem to understand and reconcile that the patriarchy is a myth. Women run the whole thing. They're smarter, their brain patterns are typically more advanced, they're usually empathic, their psychology is a fortress. And men with our minus 1,500 genes in which to negotiate life, can't just embrace nature's totality that women are the superior sex and it's in a very great multitude of ways. And so, you know you have the control other men know you have the control but they're not emotionally equipped to deal with the reality of why you have control, you're the dominant sex. And apparently that makes my dick feel small so I'm going to say that's stamping and hate men for it and spread it and uplift it and uphold it and keep it and men do that far beyond what is rational. Finally, all this allows men to feel like them just being masculine is the reason I don't have to change diapers when I come home from work or cook or clean or all these stupid things that are typically masculine fielded that women hate and no better and don't deserve but get that Men always marry up and women always settle. Nature knows nature, and men know this in their genes, they're Y chromosomes in the beauty of the X. But they're not evolving actually they're chromosomes are degrading, and they're not using their brains, they're using their brain properly because their limbic system is overloaded by the superior woman lol. I've had to use the threat of terror and violence against other men too many times to diffuse a situation that warranted a calm rational conversation because it diminished their masculinity. Inferior limbic system, inferior operational ability, but yes there’s good is very human and beautiful and should be celebrated. And honestly you know, the sanctimoniousness is just ridiculous and the heart of genetic facts not whoever is better who freaking cares. Letting your heart bleed for humanity, that's good, give everything to your woman, that's good, hold her up but don't idolize her, take care of every timeline she has lived from the little girl inside of her all the way to the grown woman who wants to be fierce and badass and awesome like you. But hey patriarchy, I guess. And that bothers too many men in my experience. They might agree but the optics have their limbic system fucked. They’re predators. Absolutely. Rape, murder, threats of violence. Absolutely. Locker room talk. Feeding children is socialism. BLM is for cucks. And these are good ones in engineering with me having issues. Those are the safe ones saying this.


And sometimes it’s as simple as wanting a really good fuck.



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