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You're the guy, Jeff. You're just not The Guy.

July 12, 2018 Email to Jeff

My author friend from Nashville just told me he's in love with me. Wants to know if I'm in love with him. Says he'll leave his girlfriend. "I'm not like Jeff”, he says. How funny. I smile. I laugh. How interesting, the twists and turns of fate. The windy bizarre road of life we travel.

I know how it feels to have someone pledge their undying devotion to you when you don't feel the same way back. It feels uncomfortable. It's so inviting; so tempting. You want to fall into it. Like you want to fall into a soft bed, enveloped in warmth and good. You want someone to take care of you, to love you unconditionally, to make making you happy their goal in life.

Well, this drama will unfold over the next few days and weeks. As always, I'll keep you apprised of all developments. I have to meet him first. I told him I'd need to spend two weeks with him to make a decision. He's really pressing me. Fucking weird. I'm not used to being worshiped. Only worshiping. You.

I love you, Jeff. You're the guy, Jeff. You're just not The Guy.




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