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“You can’t find quality people in bars, only alcoholics.”

There are a fair number of people in bars who are alcoholics. There are a fair number of people in casinos who are compulsive gamblers. There are a fair number of people in restaurants who have eating disorders. Are none of those people quality people?

There are also a fair number of people in bars, casinos, and restaurants who are enjoying spending time with others, engaging in activities that are not inherently bad.

So, visit your neighborhood pub, belly up to the bar, and have a nice chat with the bartender. Start conversations with people you wouldn’t normally think to interact with. Ask questions. Listen carefully. Pay attention. You’ll find what I’ve found – most of us have far more in common than we might assume.

Everyone has a story. Some have sad heartbreaking stories that will make you see their humanity and in seeing theirs, your own. And some have stories so encouraging you’ll carry their message within your deepest heart for always.

People are absolutely fascinating. STAY OPEN!

An excerpt from my book, How To Do Single With Dignity & Grace.



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