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When someone means enough to you, you humble yourself and you do what you need to do.

April 13, 2024

I have been reluctant to do this, but when someone means enough to you, you humble yourself and you do what you need to do.

Smoky, the one-eyed cat I adopted, lived on the streets for many years. He had severe trauma to the left side of his head. His eye had to be removed. Now, he is having chronic ear issues and he needs a Total Ear Canal Ablation.

As you can imagine, it’s expensive. The woman who coordinated the rescue sponsored him for the eye surgery and has been covering vet bills for months. He is still sponsored, but she’s reluctant to invest thousands more. She asked me if I think it’s the best use of resources considering the thousands of other cats that need help. I can’t answer that question. I love him very much. He is a sweet sweet boy. But I just don’t know if his life is worth more than other lives. How do you measure something like that?

We have a management plan, but it is not a long-term solution. This issue will never resolve. It’s chronic. At times, he’s in pain to the point he doesn’t eat, and he is The Most Food Motivated Cat I have ever met. Kid you not. So, when he doesn’t eat, something is really wrong.

I guess all I can do is ask. Please don’t feel like I expect anything of you — but I think you all know that. If I had the means, I wouldn’t think twice. But I don’t have the means any longer, and it’s a rather difficult place to be when things like this happen.

Regardless of what happens, we Persevere. We push on. We push through.




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