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What God Told Me That I Already Knew

October 4, 2022

I was looking through some old writing and came across this. I compiled this when I commenced my faith deconstruction journey in earnest, after I got back from the Louisville Vacation in August 2021, after Terri gave me Conversations With God, which changed everything. Some of these are concepts from the book, but most of it is just me. There is no particular order at all.

What God Told Me That I Already Knew


God is not constrained by his own creation.

Time is not linear to God. He sees everything all at once, the beginning to the end. But there is no beginning and no end. All of everything is a circle, a cycle, a rhythm, a season, a pattern, everything repeats. It is the universe breathing out and breathing in.

There is no place of eternal punishment.

There is no unforgivable sin.

Rules are a societal construct that assist with maintaining order and protecting individual rights. But they change based on culture, location, time, and are constantly in flux and constantly being interpreted and misinterpreted. Rules are never absolute, there are always exceptions, and they are applied differently in every single instance they are applied.

True objectivity does not exist.

There are no absolutes in this relative realm.

You can live unconsciously or consciously.

You decide what lessons you will learn in the life on which you embark before you embark. You decide what kind of soul work you want to do. And then when you’re living that physical life, you make choices that cause you to progress or regress or stagnate.

You negotiate your soul’s journey in a particular life with a group of people you interact with throughout all your lives.

Mistakes are not mistakes. They are learning. We assign the label “mistake”, which is negative. It’s better to say, “I figured out what not to do next time.”

Stasis never lasts. We are presented with new challenges constantly. Once you think you’ve figured it out, the universe shows you otherwise, or what you thought was your new truth is not really your new truth and you have more work to do. Soul work never stops.

Things we think of as bad or good are just simply things to which we assign the attribute of bad or good.

We have complete control over our response to any event. (The mental illness thing throws a bit of a wrench into this one. I like what Katie said – when I asked are we responsible for the things we do when we are symptomatic or sick. Is a schizophrenic responsible for killing someone? Is a compulsive gambler responsible for repaying her debt? Katie said yes because it’s poor disease management.)

God invented everything, our sense of humor, swear words. We are made in his image.

God is not offended. By anything.

All consensual sex is a celebration of God/Goddess. It is life affirming.

Sex serves the soul better when it is experienced within love. Sex serves us better when it is an expression of our highest self.

God is everywhere. He sees us picking our nose and wiping our butts and using our vibrator. He sees everything all the time. He is always with us and inside of us.

All decisions are made out of love or out of fear. I choose which.

When someone else tells me something about myself, I don’t have to believe it. I don’t have to own anyone else’s opinion of me. Even if I perceive that person is smarter than me or more experienced than me. I can listen, but if I want to learn and grow, I must take in information and make my own decisions.

The shame I feel is self-imposed. I am free to reject self-condemnation and in fact am obligated by the universe to do so.

I am free to be exactly who I am. I don’t have to question or condemn myself for past behavior. Those moments are past, they are gone anyway. I do not have to define myself by my past.

If I act out of my heart, I don’t have to explain myself or put caveats on what I say and do.

I am not the sum total; I am not a set product of all the decisions I have made up until this moment. I am not stuck in this place or any place. I am not obligated to remain who I was even one minute ago. I can recreate myself every single moment of my life. And am in fact doing that, whether I am aware of it or not.

Thoughts are a construct of the mind. Feelings are from the soul.

The only real thing is this exact moment. All the past and all the future is simply a construct of the mind. Only this exact moment can be relied upon as real and true. This has made it possible for me to finally “live in the moment”.

Our reincarnated selves can overlap in relative time, and we can interact with one another to improve/enhance the soul work of our future selves.

If I believe something, I don’t have to always put a disclaimer on it by saying “I feel this, but you may not believe me”, or “I believe this, but it might just be a bipolar delusion”. I feel what I feel. I believe what I believe.

My feelings and beliefs may change over time. That’s normal. That’s growth. But I don’t have to doubt my feelings and my beliefs. They’re mine.

If I feel love for someone, I love them. That’s a true honest feeling. In that moment. I am free to express it.

Every choice I make, I can ask myself, “What is the choice that represents my highest self?” I ALWAYS know the choice that represents my highest self. And I can make that choice or choose differently.

Photo by Bekky Bekks on Unsplash



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