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Thinking of you. You must be my lucky star.

December 16, 2017


So I’m at fucking Burger Boy eating a cheeseburger. I love cheeseburgers.

There’s fucking country music playing too loud. And the chick is singing, “I just can’t live without you”. I hate country. And what a bunch of mind fuck. No wonder women are disappointed. We are set up to fail.

Where’s that good ol’ 80’s music? With lyrics like “you have to be cruel to be kind”. I have no idea what that means but it’s a really good song. And “Come on Eileen”. “She Bop” is another one. “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go”. You know. The classics. The songs that really have meaning and significance and are certain to leave an eternal legacy. I mean, ya, Frank Sinatra and all those fellows, ya. But Tom Tom Club. The Clash. Pure genius!

Thinking of you. You must be my lucky star.


Photo by henry perks on Unsplash



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