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The bad things make me better.

The failure of my last relationship has led me to the determination I cannot date an atheist ever again. Here's why:

My relationship with the Divine is an integral, critical part of my existence. Without my relationship with God, I would be dead. I would have ended my life long, long ago. Anyone who doesn’t have a spiritual life is going to find that difficult to understand at best, unbelievable at worst.

It’s not healthy for me to be in relationships with people who don’t affirm the importance of spirituality in my life. It’s not healthy for me to be in relationships with people who believe I’m foolish at best, ignorant at worst, for my belief in the Divine.

I’m experienced enough and confident enough I no longer find it necessary to justify my beliefs to anyone. I no longer need other’s approval so badly I’m willing to put myself through exhausting, and predominantly futile, attempts to explain myself. That goes for all my beliefs, not just my spiritual beliefs.

I’m no longer invested in changing anyone’s mind. I seek only to be my most authentic self, live my life according to the principles of the great wisdom traditions – as best I am able – and let the rest fall into place as it will.

It’s important I always remember we are all on our own path. It’s critical I not condemn others for not being like me, and it’s equally critical I not allow other’s to condemn me for not being like them.

My relationship with the Divine is incredibly meaningful and fulfilling and I’m very protective of that most precious relationship. In protecting that relationship, I am protecting my mental health.

I like myself now, I no longer tolerate disrespect - not with regards to my spirituality – not with regards to anything. I simply cease to engage.

I just today recognized I had to walk through a bad relationship to get here. And once again I am gobsmacked by this truth:

The bad things make me better.



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