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It’s New Year’s Day as I write this, and this section wrote itself out in my mind as my cats circled me on the bed demanding their breakfast! They never give up. They are the most tenacious creatures!

It can be a challenge for even the most outgoing of us to meet new people. It’s a deliberate decision we make to online date, a commitment to meeting new people and expanding our circle. We do this in the hopes we will find relationships that nourish us and meet our needs. Those are some highbrow words to describe the act of online dating. Yes, they are.

It takes tenacity to pursue connections online. It can be daunting, disappointing, and even devastating. It would have been easy to throw in the towel after my first negative experience, but I didn’t. Why? I guess I’ve always given people the benefit of the doubt and so rarely have been proven wrong. Have I been hurt? Absolutely. Has it always been worth it? A resounding NO! There have been many times I’ve wondered why I bother.

But then I remember the incredible friends I’ve made online. The men with whom I never expected to develop meaningful relationships who have become my closest friends.



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