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"Shave and a Haircut, Six Bits"

***Adult Content***

I had a conversation today with a friend about shaving in relation to sex vs. shaving in relation to grooming and I remembered having this exchange with Jeff. I laughed remembering it, laughed hard rereading it, and do so hope it makes you laugh hard, too.

Men are so weird women are so weird fucking is so weird I can't take this!

October 2017 Email Exchange with Jeff


Adrian says I need to shave my pussy. Do you agree with this? If you agree with this, you need to do it for me because I have big girl logistical issues. But first of all I need to know is this a critical component of my dating existence? I always thought it was kind of weird that men like shaved pussies like as if they wanted a 12-year-old girl. Being natural is natural. And I don't think I have like a fucking dense bush or anything. Anyway I would like your opinion on this. And I will proceed accordingly.

On another note, you know I don't shave under my arms. I don't know if you've ever noticed but no one else I've ever slept with has ever said a fucking thing probably because nobody looks at your fucking armpits when they're fucking you. Should I shave under my arms? Because that I can manage. I will do that if it's necessary to my fucking success.

Men are so weird women are so weird fucking is so weird I can't take this.

I love you. Fuck me.


Shaved armpits yes most men do not like hairy armpits shaved pussies yes men love that very very much but not in a weird way like a 12-year-old little girl thing but in a way that they get to see the entire pussy nice and clean. So hot.


I'm very conflicted about shaving my pussy. I am a feminist you know. I must stay loyal to the cause. Very conflicted.

And I’d prefer to do this with my underarms:

Love it!

Me (later):

Now I am so fucking freaked out about having a shaved pussy. Like as if my fucking sex life, no my entire life, depends on this ridiculous fetish-driven bizarre and insane and unnatural thing.

Tell me I'm a good person.

With a lovely bush.



You are a wonderful person.

With a lovely bush.




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