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Peace Be With You

I subscribe to Patheos, a site that publishes articles rooted in all religious traditions.

I read this today.

I try very hard to limit my exposure to news of war, because news of war is always horrific. It sends me to a dark place, and my sadness overwhelms. And I cry. And I cry. And I sob. And sometimes I simply take to my bed, desperately hoping for some respite in sleep.

I do not advocate our direct involvement in the war in Ukraine. Not at this time. I am more than willing to let sanctions play out, see if the change we all desperately hope for will come to be. I am more than willing to pay $6, $7, $8 or more for a gallon of gas. But, again, I am my mother's caregiver. I need only leave the house to drive a handful of miles to run her to doctors appointments or pick up prescriptions. I have a luxury those who work outside the home with a significant commute do not enjoy. My burden is light. Others will suffer significantly.

My mother has an income which allows us to purchase the food and supplies we need. We are stocked up, ready for shortages that may or may not significantly affect us, we privileged citizens of the second richest country in the world.

I will be fine. Even if there is a nuclear strike on US soil, I will be fine. I have come to terms with myself and with my God. I am not afraid of death. The prospect of suffering is difficult to accept. But I know I will weather whatever comes. I have weathered everything up until now. I will weather whatever lies ahead. I know this truth beyond a doubt. A recent knowing, but still, an unshakeable truth. I am bereft from the knowledge of the suffering that abounds in our world. But I am not afraid.

The miraculous thing about the future, is, no one knows what it will bring. We only have now. This moment. And this moment, I have everything I need. And this moment, I choose to rest in that.

This war has already caused untold amounts of suffering and the effects will be felt for generations to come. War is hell; hell on earth. Why anyone could believe initiating such horror is baffling. But it happens. Over and over and over, throughout all of time and in every civilization, war is deeply, tightly woven into the fabric of every generation's story.

Putin will die one day, just as all the rest of us. Let us take comfort in that fact. Regimes will change, attitudes will shift, the business of politics will morph in old and new ways. We cannot know for better or worse, but it truly matters not. We Persevere, Spirit is indomitable, and life goes on.

Eventually, this war will end. We do not know when and we do not know how. All that is left is to pray for peace and help our brothers and sisters however we are able.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

-John 14:27



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