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Lovers come and go but friends stay.

September 21, 2022 Email to a friend

I see you're reading my posts. I cannot believe I was so obsessed. Who is that Coco? Weird.

Anyway. If any guy looks at my blog and reads some of that shit about poor Jeff, he'll be TERRIFIED to meet me! And.... maybe..... that's..... what..... I..... want???????

Eh. Maybe. I'm not that way anymore. I'm doing really good with Don. Starting to not get sick to my stomach anymore when I think of him (and his new girlfriend that is his age and sounds perfect for him). He calls, we talk. He's a very good friend. And truly, friends are better than lovers.

Lovers come and go but friends stay.

Adrian & Me, 8 Up, Louisville, August 2017. No, he is not my son. No, I did not date him. He is one of my best friends.



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