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Let's Get Real About Hypersexuality

December 26, 2020

I just read an incredible article about hypersexuality. I've never read hypersexuality explained more accurately, at least in terms of my experience. Hypersexuality feels really really good. And then you come down from that. And you wonder who the fuck you really are. And how you can be capable of such depravity. And then you have to pick up and move on. And then it happens all over again. It's the most incredible feeling in the world. Followed by the most intense self-hate. And it just goes round and round and round. Until you want to die.

“You know how most illnesses have symptoms you can recognize? Like fever, upset stomach, chills, whatever. Well, with manic depression, it’s sexual promiscuity, excessive spending, and substance abuse—and that just sounds like a fantastic weekend in Vegas to me!”

-Carrie Fisher



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