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It sounds like a bee’s nest in my head.

June 6, 2017

It sounds like a bee’s nest in my head. Only not buzzing, more like the sound of thousands of people’s voices during intermission at the symphony. Only not human voices. Mixed with the din of the crowd you hear when watching European football. And then what happens when your mind is trying to decipher and quantify a sound.

I put my hands on my head to remind myself I’m real and physical and on the ground. I’m not just ether loose in the atmosphere. It occurs to me that’s where the notion “out of my mind” originates. Like a helium balloon a child lets loose, but his father is able to catch it by the string before it is lost.

What happens when I can’t catch my consciousness and pull it back to earth? Insanity? Or demise?

I hurt.



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