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I’ve got your number, you Goof.

***Adult Content***

April 13, 2017 Email Exchange with Jeff

Nice. Just fucked a 32-year-old.


Big dick? Anal?


Good lord. I didn’t even see this. You never answer your emails on Saturday. I don’t remember seeing this email from you. You also answered this email within 15 minutes, which means you read my emails right away, which means they probably go to your phone, which means you are real prick for not answering more often just to say hi.

He’s a pastor. A minister. A man of God. He was relentless about coming over. I finally let him come over. It was straight sex. It was low risk, low stakes, no potential, no future, so I bossed him around and made him hit the G spot while I masturbated. I had three orgasms.

Wish it was you,


P.S. I’m not nearly as much about the ass as you. Don’t project your ass fixation on me, Motherfucker!


I just happened to check my mail when you sent that I usually only check it twice a week I hope you had a great weekend I hope I get the chance to see you next week I am in _____________ most of next week


Don’t bullshit the bullshitter. I know you read my emails. I’ve got your number, you Goof.


LOL see you next week your ass better be ready


It will be. Count on it.



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