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I need to make $8000 really fast. How could I do that?

*Andy was a Lyft driver. That's how we met. We were friends. He passed away in January 2020. I think of him often. He was incredibly kind. I miss knowing he's in the world.

December 1, 2018 Text to Andy

You know I'm thinking about becoming a dominatrix. Do you think I'd be good at that? My friend K. was a dominatrix and she made tons and tons of money like she put herself through college. She never had sex with them she would only dress up in black rubber and then she would go to their apartment and she would just denigrate them and they loved it.

See I think I would feel sorry for the guys that were all fucked up because their uncles like sexually abused them or whatever and then they’d tell me their stories and instead of going, “Shut up! Bow down and lick my boots!” I would say, “Oh God I'm so sorry you went through that,” and I would start crying.

And the reason why I was thinking that just now is because I did a vitamin C under eye treatment, and normally it makes me look a little bit better, but I fucking look so fucking old it's pathetic. I really need to have an eye lift which costs about $8000 so I need to make $8000 really fast. How could I do that?

This is my favorite selfie. Go figure.



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