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I’m committed to this scrappy little pirate cat.

June 25, 2024

Smoky had surgery to remove his left ear today. He’s in pretty rough shape but he’s home recuperating.

The surgeon found a mass that was previously undetected. It’s being sent to the lab for analysis. It’s daunting to imagine this cat would have to endure any more suffering than he already has.

I never anticipated Smoky would have the health issues he’s had in the four months I’ve had him. I thought he was a one-eyed pirate cat, happy go lucky, a gentle spirit whom I could love and dote upon for the rest of his days, which would be long and safe and love-filled. Nothing could have prepared me for what has transpired. Often, especially lately, especially now, it seems all too much. It’s tempting to say it’s more than I can handle, but it’s not. I’m handling it. And I will continue to handle it. I’m committed to this scrappy little pirate cat. I love him quite desperately.

Let us send out good and loving hopes into the Universe that Smoky’s pain and suffering will soon be at an end.



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