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I'm a writer.

December 24, 2020

I got fired from my little part-time clerical job. I just can’t do that kind of work anymore. I was sort of kind of devastated, because getting fired is devastating. But I was equally relieved. Because I just can’t do that kind of work anymore. And now, four days later, I only think about how I don’t think about it anymore.

When he fired me, when he said, “This isn’t working out.”

I immediately responded, “Yes, I know. I’m a writer.”

Just like that. That’s what came out of my mouth.

I’m a writer.

“You don’t have to miserable to write. You do it because you have to. Because it gnaws away at your insides if you try to ignore it. Because if you don’t write, then you might as well be dead.”

-Not Another Happy Ending



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