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I Left My Heart in Louisville

It appears I’m gaining a bit of an audience. A substantial audience. I knew if I just kept following my writing passion things would bloom and go big at some point. My hope of getting my words out into the world is a reality. It's all falling into place - because I saw it - a few years back - I really saw it. And the dream hasn't loosened it's hold on me - not one bit. And here I am. It's not a dream anymore. It's real life.

A few months ago I stopped trying to push myself to write in order to break into a commercial writing and have an income. I decided I would just write when I felt like writing. And now I write more than I did ever before. Hours each day. It's a difficult season I'm weathering with mom here in Washington, but I like myself more than I ever have, and every day I have the great privilege of writing out my heart.

I lived in Louisville from 2016 through 2019, until I got the call to come back to Washington to be with mom. I experienced an incredible transformation in Louisville. My experience changed me into a woman I never thought possible. And I'm liking this woman I am now more than I ever have liked any previous. As much as I struggle with bipolar, and I struggle, believe me I struggle, the satisfaction I have with my life now is immense.

I'm homesick for Louisville. I was watching this silly little video I made during my vacation over summer of my last drive through Louisville, in fact I've watched it many many times since I flew back to Washington in August.

I was with my friend Terri and we were talking about places I might come back to to live. There is a chance I will go back when this season with my mother ends. Nothing definitive. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. I never dreamed I'd live in Louisville, and I never dreamed I'd be where I am with my mother in Centralia, Washington. So I consider, and I imagine, and I fantasize - but not too much. The direction of my life has and can and will turn on a dime. For now, I focus on strengthening my resilience, laying the groundwork for me to adapt more readily to the big changes.

I lived in the Henry Clay the entire time I was in Louisville. I loved it there more than any place I’ve ever been. I drove by the Henry Clay several times when I was visiting and my heart ached to return.

The police station we pass is the police station in the downtown section of Louisville where the Breonna Taylor demonstrations happened. We drove the route of thousands of protestors who marched in the months prior to my visit.

Enjoy the video - my snarky drive down memory lane - with my snarky friend and soulmate, Terri.



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