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I hope and pray Damon gets well. He's a wonderful man.

Summer 2017

Writings from the Nuthouse

The day Damon was admitted, we were in the pantry together getting coffee and snacks. I introduced myself and warmly welcomed him to my nightmare.

Damon spoke very rapidly. He pulled a pair of women’s underwear of his pocket. I’d like to say I was shocked but hell, not much shocks me these days.

“These are my wife’s she is beautiful I love my wife very much I don’t know what I’d do if she wasn’t my wife I love her very much I’m going to miss her I know I’m crazy and I talk all the time I don’t mean to do that people don’t understand but what I’m saying I really feel.”

“That’s so awesome, Damon! I hope one day my husband carries my underwear in his pocket and says such wonderful things about me!”

Damon is always pleasant, but he’s very sad. One time, right in front of the nurse’s station, he saw me and started crying. He reached out and put his arms around me. We hugged for a long time. Patients aren’t supposed to touch each other. None of the nurses said anything, which was appropriate. Then Damon calmed down and we walked together to dinner.

The day before I was discharged, I stopped by his table and met his family during visiting hour. I told his wife how much I had appreciated meeting Damon and that he had made my stay better. I told her how much he loved her and I wished them all the best. Then I gave Damon my phone number and told him I expected a nice dinner at his house with his wife and son. He said he’d cook it himself!

I hope and pray Damon gets well. He’s a wonderful man.



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