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I feel sorry you cannot see all the answers are inside of you.

December 31, 2016


Well yesterday for me was pretty intense. It was great awesome and very new, I think, so new that I’m scared. I haven’t done that with a different woman in 20 some odd years and I’m not handling it too well today. I have all these mixed feelings in my head towards my family.


Damn it.

OK, well deal with your feelings.

You can have that kind of a sex with your wife you know! Just spice it the fuck up! Buy her some lingerie! Buy some toys! Tell her you like it up the ass! Tell her you want to experiment! By some woman friendly porn! Buy her a lovely piece of jewelry for Valentine's Day! Take her away for the weekend! Order champagne delivered to the room. And a fruit and cheese plate. Put grapes in her vagina and suck them out with your mouth. Try some new positions for fuck’s sake!

You fucking married people don't have a fucking clue. You have to keep it fresh! Or you are susceptible to people like ME. I am no good for you or your family.

All I know is, if you were my husband, I'd be doing whatever I needed to do to get your attention and keep your attention. And frankly, it's not hard to keep your attention. You respond extremely well to a very small amount of playfulness. Why your wife has lost track of that fact is beyond me.

You're handsome and sexy as hell. And your penis is perfect. And you're a great lover, although I've not got much to go on there... So she needs to meet you half way. Have an honest talk with her. BE REAL. Tell her what you WANT. Tell her what you NEED! What's the worst that can happen? She says no? I bet she gets all hot and you guys have the best sex you've had in forever!

But do yourself and her a big favor. Don't tell her you strayed! Believe me, women do not want to know!!!!! And believe me, it's NOT a pattern for you! So DO NOT tell her! It breaks all trust. Forever. And it's not like it was a marathon love making session or anything. Sheesh. twenty minutes out of your life. Let it rest in peace.

I feel sorry you cannot see all the answers are inside of you. All the goodness of life is in your family - your family - there is no goodness for you in me or with me! I am what you call a major red flag. I'm a symptom of the real problem, certainly not in any way a solution to the problem. Deal with the root of the real problem. And just stay away. Do what's best for you and YOUR FAMILY.

I'll be just fine.


“Acting counter to your own values will do more than just change your circumstances. It will change you. And you may not like what you become.”

-Dr. Tom, Being Erica



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