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He Doesn't Want Commitment

Maybe you don’t want commitment either. Perfect! That’s the makings of a hookup or FWB arrangement made in heaven!

But if you do want commitment, pay special attention to your date when he talks about the type of relationship he wants. If he says he never wants to get married, believe him!

If my date says he’s never going to get married, I loudly respond, “I hear ya!” And I hear him! And I believe him!

There are some variations on your date coming right out and saying he doesn’t want anything long-term, so pay attention to those variations because they all basically amount to the same message. Here’s a partial list:

· He’s not cut out for monogamy.

· He wants to keep it casual.

· He’s not ready for a relationship.

· He’s been horribly hurt, and he doesn’t think he can ever commit again.

· He wants to date and/or have sex with other people.

· He’s still in love with his ex.

· He’s already in a committed relationship.

If you think he’s not sure, if you think he’ll change his mind, if you think you’re so special he’ll change his mind for you, you’re very mistaken.

Unless your relationship goals are compatible, walk away.



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