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He came, I came, but the earth did not move for either of us.

April 12, 2017 Journal Entry

I traveled pretty frequently for a couple of months. The online dating apps know your location; they give you options that are local. I connected with a young man on a dating site. He was a minister, 32.

One night I was exhausted from work, but he was relentless to see me. Usually I have rules about hookups, I must meet them in public first. But I haven’t been following the rules at all pretty much. I finally gave in, said he could come to the hotel. I called the front desk and told them my nephew was coming for help with his chemistry exam. I cracked myself up on that one. I got a D in chemistry.

I left the hotel door ajar and I took a shower. I knew he was coming but still I jumped when I came out of the bathroom and he was there. We laid down and talked a bit. Then we had sex. He was tired, I was tired. He came, I came, but the earth did not move for either of us. He was a very gentle and tender young man. It was nice.

The next time I was in town, we missed each other. And now I don’t have that job. I won’t go back to that town.



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