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Good Luck Wink Emoji

December 16, 2017 Email to a Friend

I still talk to guys online but it's a ridiculous endeavor. I got this one fellow all excited, he was actually age appropriate and everything. His penis was quite large. He was going to come see me this weekend. But then I told him I was having emotional issues and wasn't in a position for any type of relationship, especially one that was exclusively sexual in nature. I told him to check in with me in three months. He said, "Good Luck Wink Emoji". Which I thought was nice. Adrian thought it was insulting. But what can a guy say besides "Good Luck Wink Emoji" when a girl tells him she’s a nutcase? I thought his response was very sweet.

I always give men the benefit of the doubt. They have no clue how to handle us women much of the time. A woman must assume the best of intentions on a man's part. Men are, by and large, quite golden creatures. They mean no harm. They know no better. The best we can do is extend men grace.

Men are worthy! I like men very much.

Merry Christmas is Coming Soon,


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash



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