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Getting Married

Some people actually meet, fall in love, and decide to get married.

How do you know if it's right? Hell if I know! The only time I was ever engaged, I called it off. For me, it’s never been right. Nonetheless, and not at all surprisingly, I have a lot of opinions on the subject!!!

If marriage is your primary goal, and you’re chugging full speed ahead single mindedly, bad things can happen. You may let infatuation and sexual chemistry drive your decision making. You’re hot on him, he’s hot on you, you’ve been dating two weeks and he gets this wonderful spontaneous idea to fly to Vegas TONIGHT! And you, in a moment of complete loss of all sensibility, say “YES!!!” If this ever happens, make him pay for the flight, hotel, and everything else! Why should you go in the hole when it was his idea?!

Sometimes, marrying early on in a relationship works. I’ve heard of couples married two weeks after meeting that have been married for decades. There are wonderful, exciting romantic movies about this phenomenon! But let’s face it ladies, most of these marriages don’t last. If they do last, they usually aren’t happy.

If you have children, all your relationship issues are compounded. Any decision you make not only affects you, but also your children. There are no guarantees in life, not in relationships, and not in marriage. Half of marriages end. Divorce is difficult for everyone but tends to be especially hard on children.

Marriage is a wonderful thing when it’s the right person. You can never be 100% confident your marriage will last, but you can take the time you need to build a solid relationship before you make a lifetime commitment.

Don’t get married because you want to be married. Don’t get married because it’s time to have children. Don’t get married because you have incredible chemistry with someone.

Get married because you’ve found the right person for you. Get married because you’ve found your best friend and you want to spend your life with him.



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