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Getting Married

Some people actually meet, fall in love, and decide to get married.

How Do You Know if it’s Right?

Hell if I know! The only time I was ever engaged, I called it off. For me, it’s never been right.


You’re engaged, embroiled in planning your wedding, and thousands of dollars have already been spent. Then you realize you’ve made a horrible horrible mistake. You’re not ready, he’s not the right guy, but mostly, it just doesn’t feel right. You feel weird and you just keep feeling more and more weird as each day passes. Finally, you admit to yourself it just isn’t going to work.

Friends and family may give you the “cold feet” talk, and that’s all well and good. But if your unease persists, you would do well to pay attention.

Marriage is for life. Think about that. It’s better to leave someone at the alter than go through with something that is not right for you. Ideally, you’ll call things off long before you’re standing in front of the vicar. But if you don’t, so be it. If you know it’s not right, turn yourself around and walk out of that church!

No one’s life will be ruined, I promise! In a year, your friends will have forgotten a lot of the details. Aunt Agnes will not remember she couldn’t return that blender. Your foiled nuptials may well have turned into everyone’s favorite inside joke. The people that love you will always support your life choices. If they’re laughing, they’re laughing to affirm you, not ridicule you.

And as for money, money is one of the easiest things in life to replace. It goes and it comes. And it goes and it comes again. Your peace of mind and your happiness are worth far more than any amount of money spent on something that was never meant to be.



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