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Don't worry,, I'm still here.

April 29, 2017


I talk a big line but I really don’t want to lose the little tiny bit of you I have the great privilege of having about once every three months. But if I do I do.

I think God is punishing me.

Ok. Unfortunately, I think the sun rises and sets on you. I don’t know why. The more emotionally unavailable and remote you are, the more I long for you. I am so fucked up.

I still think God is punishing me. However, I do a much better job of punishing me than he does.

Would you please please please please email me more often? Don’t make me beg. I’m begging.

Pathetically Yours,



Hello hello I’m just working a lot and working on family stuff,,,, don’t worry,, I’m still here.

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