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Counting Crows

March 14, 2024

Every evening, thousands of crows congregate in Downtown Portland. This has been going on for years. There’s a great deal of information about the crows and how they’re being managed by the city. It’s not very romantic. I’ll include a few links down below.

The important part of this story is that every evening around dusk, as I sit at my desk overlooking Northeast Portland from my fourth-floor apartment window, I see hundreds of crows fly over as they head for downtown.

I’m a bit over a mile from downtown, so the crows haven’t had a chance to gather in the groups of thousands and thousands yet. That happens downtown. There will be just 20, 30, maybe 40 that fly over at a time. This repeats every few minutes until after dark. I hear them coming, their caws growing louder and louder until they disappear overhead. I cannot believe my good fortune at the opportunity to witness a small piece of this incredible phenomenon.

I have always been fascinated by crows. They are one of the most intelligent birds. They can count. They recognize faces. As annoying as they sound when there are a pair of those gad birds perched on the wires above the street, squawking and scolding you angrily for simply walking by, they’re pretty amazing birds.

Here are some links to videos of the crows gathering in Downtown Portland:

And here are some less romantic educational links:



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