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Cougar Adventure #3

February 19, 2017

I met Jesus online. What a love. A Mexican American man in his mid-30s. He lives in Southern California. Handsome, sweet. He was born here but grew up in Mexico. He came back to the states and gave himself two years to become fluent in English. His English is excellent, slight accent but very understandable. He’s in a management position in the construction industry. He’s very successful for someone so young. He impressed me with his ambition and intelligence and warmth.

We FaceTimed on his way home from work. “You want to see this, don’t you?” he asked, as he pulled himself out of his pants. He turned the camera around so I could see him grow hard. He must not have had either hand on the steering wheel. I quickly became aroused. In seconds, I moved my legs, not able to be still.

Jesus and I had planned to meet in a few months, spend a couple of nights on Catalina Island. He says we won’t leave the hotel for fucking. He’s a wonderful beautiful young man. I love him. I love my young men.

I spoke with Jesus the other day. He’s not been as communicative. I asked him if he’d found a woman. He said yes, just a FWB, but that I was his woman. Some guys know exactly what to say.

Photo by Bruce Jastrow on Unsplash

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