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Carry On Soldier!

August 20, 2017 Email to a Potential Lover


We all worry way too much about our physical characteristics and don't spend enough time developing our characters.

If you think you have physical shortcomings, that's your issue, because I don't. You've got the goods. Don't destroy the intimacy worrying about what I might be thinking about your physical characteristics. I'm not thinking about that when I'm with a man, believe me. I prefer not to think about my large stomach during sex - it's there, I can't hide it, but I'd rather focus on pleasure giving and receiving than what my stomach looks like. It's a choice you can make. Choose intelligently.

So carry on soldier, as will I. Let us go boldly into the territory of sexual satiation and sanguinely take ownership of what is rightly ours!


P.S. And for God's sake never apologize. It makes your partner feel obligated to make you feel good about yourself, which has no place during a good romp. And not every woman has a penchant for big thick penises. Vaginas are only so big. Mine is well suited for a luxury sedan, or perhaps a two seater BMW convertible. But not a Hummer.



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