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Alone on Christmas

December 22, 2017


Hello! Happy Friday! I hope you have a great ending to your work week. And that you have a great time with the kids this holiday weekend! I hope the weather is nice, not just cloudy.

Merry Christmas! I will be thinking of you on this wonderful day. Last year, I had just met you and was enthralled with your sexiness. This year, I know so much more of you. You are a whole person to me and I love every part of who you are.

Jeff, you are Incredible. I hope you don’t get tired of hearing me say that. I hope you don’t just roll your eyes and think, “Not again! that crazy woman!” Because yes, I am crazy. Crazy for those wonderful glimpses of your character and your spirit that I get from your goofy emails!

You have been instrumental in bringing me into my own, into my fullness. Now I’m on a path that I never would have dreamed possible had it not been for the Louisville experiment and had it not been for you. My life and my mind and my heart are transformed. I struggle. Yet I am better, I am more. Thank you.

I love you first, most, best and always,




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