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A fresh wind of expectation blows through that place of dormant hopes.

January 23, 2018

I had a conversation with a fellow from a dating site this afternoon. He’s in town for a convention, he’s an exhibitioner. A 34-year-old cute as all hell red head. Teddy bearish. We were going to have dinner this evening and see where things led, but he didn’t get back to me. I assume he got held up at the convention.

The youngsters are such fun to interact with. They’re so unencumbered, joyful, expecting all good things. How I wish I could recapture that aspect of young adulthood. Their lives are so much simpler. Their concerns are small. They haven’t yet experienced the disappointment of missed hopes and dreams. All that awaits them, all that lies ahead is opportunity and possibility.

I will often ask, “Why are you interested in being with a woman so much older than you? Why aren’t you out looking for a nice young lady to marry and have kids and a house and a picket fence and all that business?”

They reply, “Oh, that’s in the works. I just like older women.”

It’s a passing fancy. Truly, just a passing fancy. But thank God for passing fancies. Because although not sustainable, I have had some lovely freeing experiences with the youngsters this past year.

Youth is a quite marvelous thing. Being around young people renews the spirit. A fresh wind of expectation blows through that place of dormant hopes. And sometimes, things I had written off as never being possible become possible. And sometimes they come to fruition. And those are serendipitous moments indeed.

Life is good. Life is well worth living.



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